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Tell us about yourself and family

TJ’s The Kiddies Store is BC’s very own baby superstore, it was started in 1978 and has grown ever since. With 5 stores all in BC and an online retail store, it helps parents get geared up for their growing families. The Kelowna location is now under new management and all the staff is very excited to offer personalized service and share their knowledge with anyone needing a hand in this big world of baby products.

Describe your business/product or service

TJ’s The Kiddies Store is a baby store that offers an unmatched selection at incredible prices, from car seats to breast pumps or baby furniture, every parent will find what they need. The most important to us is to offer a level of service that is above and beyond what any parent would expect. The staff is highly knowledgeable on any product in the store and is eager to help new parents on their quest for all their baby needs. We also take pride in making sure that every parent and baby is well taken care of and kept as safe as can be.

How long have you been in business?

We have been in business since 1978 and have enjoyed being a part of BC families ever since.

Why did you start the business?

TJ’s The Kiddies Store was started to offer new parents the opportunity to get an upscale level of service and knowledge while staying very affordable.

Tell us why all parents need to visit your store or purchase your product/service

Anybody having a growing family would miss out by not coming to visit us, we have an unbelievable selection of products, many display strollers, car seats, furniture and more that parents can try out with their own children to truly decide what will be the best match to their lifestyle. We also have a nationwide baby registry allowing expecting parents to receive what they actually want or need from their families and friends.

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