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With children come gifts… lots of them!  And, not just for your own children – their friends have birthdays too and so do your nieces and nephews! And, then there are new babies, holidays, religious events and milestones, all with gifts!  Who has the time?  We do – we make gift-giving easy for you!

Story is Yours specializes in Personalized Books and Novels for children and teens, where your child’s details are printed right into the text so that your child is reading their very own story!  An online and mobile gift shop, we also offer Books, Toys, Puzzles, Games, Arts & Crafts and Science Kits.

Instead of rushing through traffic and waiting in line, searching for that special gift, visit our website in the comforts of your home. With a few clicks, you can have the perfect gift, beautifully wrapped and delivered right to your door!  With less hours spent on errands, what will you do with your free time?!

Looking for a unique gift for the children in your life? Something special that will be a life-long keepsake, inspire their imagination and encourage learning? You can get all this and more with a Personalized Book from Story is Yours!
Personalized Books include:

  • Child’s Name
  • Friends
  • Hometown
  • Dedication Page to tell them how much you love them!
  • And More…

Great for avid readers or those needing a little push to pick up a book, with over 40 titles there is a book for every interest. Whether your child loves ballet, hockey, animals, tea parties or trains – these are just some of the stories that will star your child!
According to Literacy BC, “Better literacy skills improve employment prospects and income, reduce dependence on social assistance, promote health, and reduce criminal offending”. Give your child the best chance in life and buy them a book today!
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