Splat And Co

Splat And Cosplatandco@gmail.com

Tell us about yourself and family.

We are a small family of three, with one cat. After the birth of our daughter, we began researching ways to employ our mutual talents, interests, and awareness in effort to avoid the trap of both parents working and strangers raising our girl. Thus, we are making strides towards a reduction in commercially purchased and/ or processed items leading to a stronger family unit and Splat And Co is evidence there of.

Describe your business/product or service

We make fun, funky, edgy, but cute clothing and accessories for kids from newborn to 10yrs of age with a few items being diverse enough to fall into other categories at the same time.

How long have you been in business?

About a year

Why did you start the business?

To reduce the stresses of modern life on our family and thereby reducing our impact on our planet.

Tell us why all parents need to visit your store or purchase your product/service

As parents, we need to reduce our impact on our environment and raise our children to be the best possible stewards for the coming generations.. We hope to impart this ideal to our customers through unique, hand crafted, and sustainable products combined with an ever- increasing network of support and development.

Describe a feature product or promotion you have going on (or coming up)

At every live event (market/ trade show) we invite people to sign up for our newsletter- which is sporadic at best- in order to win a 50$ gift certificate valid at our Etsy store.. Thus far, it has been quite successful.

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