Okanagan Little Ones

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Phone – 250 862 9692
Email – info@okanaganlittleones.ca

The inspiration for Okanagan Little Ones came through the innocence of our two young children. They inspire me to do something with my life that will make a difference. The idea for Okanagan Little Ones came from an article that I read in the Globe and Mail, “Why Canadian babies should sleep in cardboard boxes like Finnish babies do” by André Picard. The article discusses how we as Canadians should be as fortunate as Finnish parents who are provided with a large box of baby essentials when their child is born. Okanagan Little Ones was started because I want to help babies in our community! Our children deserve the best start that they can get. Okanagan Little Ones is a mom owned and operated business that one day hopes to become a non-profit organization with national scope.

How do we do it?

We donate a gift box to an expectant mother in need, in your community, for every gift box sold.  For all other products we donate 20% of the proceeds to making donated gift boxes.


It’s simple.  Donate a box of baby essentials to a mother in need for every ultimate gift box sold.  What better motivation for an expectant mother to seek prenatal care than a wonderful box full of baby essentials to help give your little one a great start.  By teaming up with local non-profits we are doing our best to ensure the boxes make their way into the hands of those who need them.


We are strong supporters of the environment.  As many of the products included in the Okanagan Little Ones’ boxes are sourced from local suppliers as possible. Many of our products are Local Organic Handcrafted products.  The boxes themselves are robust and Sustainable Forestry Initiative certified.  We hope that the boxes will be kept and reused many times over.

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