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Who am I?

My name is Lori Brown-Greene.

But to avoid confusion I stuck with one name. I happened to have married a man whose last name is also a color. When we try to renew our insurance they act as though we are trying to use fake names which I find highly entertaining and probably will forever.

I grew up in beautiful Victoria, BC andI came to the Okanagan to visit my grandmother. Within two months I was living here! Everywhere you go in the Okanagan you have a beautiful view, and I can’t imagine ever leaving! Prior to becoming a photographer I was an Early Childhood Educator. I finished my ECE with honors in Victoria and spent time as a childcare provider of children 3-5 years old and a preschool teacher. I love working with families and am naturally drawn to the smallest people in the room.

Speaking of small people, I have two small people of my own. But don’t let their stature deceive you, they are very loud and I often avoid taking them in public. I think it’s something like the old adage the cobbler’s shoes. I also use a lot of old sayings. Because I have such crazy children, your crazy children will not scare me!

Some random facts about me:kelowna photographer, lori brown photography

* I listen to a lot of bluegrass and folk music.
* I wear moccasins almost always.
* I buy books and never read them.
* I have a doggy named Cheeto. Ironically, due to my children’s allergies we don’t eat gluten. Or dairy. Or eggs. Or nuts. Basically they are allergic to everything delicious.
* My husband is Australian and I can’t understand him 75% of the time. This makes for a successful marriage I am sure.
* Every night before bed I browse the humour section of Pinterest for lolz. DO IT! Everything is funniest after 10pm.
* I cry at every wedding and every birth. I cry again when editing photos.
* I attended the Victoria college of art at 13, and had paintings in the Greater Victoria Art Gallery at 15.
* I had a band called Destiny girls in elementary school and was personally responsible for our lack of success due to leaving our songbook on the school bus after a field trip. We could have been something!
* I love to laugh and make people laugh.
* I watch a lot of Netflix. My favorites are Downton Abbey, Suits, Parenthood, New Girl, The Mindy Project, Mad Men and Orange is the New Black. Got any favorites? I’m running out of shows to watch!

Aside from all that completely irrelevant information, I LOVE taking photos. So if you love having your photo taken I would love to hear from you!

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