Lending MaxEmail: chad@lendingmax.com and mhaddad@lendingmax.ca
Web: www.chadweninger.com and www.michellehaddad.com

Tell us about yourself and family

Chad has a lovely wife and 2 young boys ages 33months and 18 months.
Michelle is recently married 2013 and expecting her first baby this May. Babies sex is a surprise!

Describe your business/product or service

We are Mortgage Brokers who provide financing for residential properties. We help new home buyers, home buyers moving up into bigger homes, people refinancing, debt consolidating, and even credit counseling.

How long have you been in business?

Chad 8 years and Michelle 5 years. Or you can even say combined experience is 13 years.

Why did you start the business?

Chad and I both agree we always wanted to be our own boss and have flexibility with our work schedules. Sure makes it nice when we bot have growing families and can work from home if needed. Chad and Michelle both took Business Finance in College, so being a Mortgage Broker is a great fit for our expertize.

Tell us why all parents need to visit your store or purchase your product/service

Using a mortgage broker like us allows our clients to shop around with a variety of lenders verses dealing direct with their bank. We typically have access to better products and rates than the banks do, and the best part is the lender we use pays our fee, so our services don’t cost our clients anything.

Describe a feature product or promotion you have going on (or coming up)?

Purchase Plus Improvements Mortgage is an amazing product we can offer which allows clients to include renovations into their mortgage. Great for people wanting to renovate to make room for new baby, or buyers who want to alter a house they are buying to make it a better fit for them.


  1. Heather says:

    My Husband and I just moved and Michelle helped us with our mortgage. She was so great! We really appreciated being able to have her assist us with our specific needs. Thanks again Michelle!

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