Tell us about yourself and family

Our names are Meghan Dedrick and Rita Love. Myself, Meghan have two kids, Lola and Galo and I married an Argentinean many moons ago! We had Lola in Port Moody, Canada where I grew up in 2009 and we had our second in 2012, in Pilar, Buenos Aires, Argentina, the town where Daniel grew up in. We love to travel and plan to for years to come. Rita Love is from Enderby, Canada. She met her husband in Kelowna who also happened to be from Enderby. Well, she knew him before but they fell in love and later had four kids. Twins, Scarlett and Emerson, then came Charli, and then came Celia! All girls! Needless to say Neil became a fan of shopping for girl clothes! Rita and I met working at the Bogie’s and Bacall’s hair salon at Orchard Park Mall. We were salon buddies trying new and creative hair colors and cuts on each other. Our time there was brief but I was always checking in, as I said I loved to travel. Through the years Rita and I stayed in touch through Facebook and congratulated each other on life milestones along the way.

Describe your business/product or service

Lambpoodle is an on line store wishing to become a brick and mortar, one day filled with products colorful, unique and fabulous from your spirited finders and collectors, Meg and Rita. We take pride in finding all the best children’s clothing and accessories and plush toys to share with you in Canada. We look all over the world for local independent designers and artists. The future will bring a wider range of clothing for the whole family!

How long have you been in business?

Rita and I partnered the business in June of 2013. Fairly new. Myself, Meghan had launched my store Marcas by Megpie in May. Rita came all the way from the Okanagan to Vancouver to support my venture and who knew!! We immediately thought we should partner and work with each other and so we did!

Why did you start the business?

I was living in Buenos Aires for 2.5 years and found it difficult to find clothing, boutique, independent designer clothing for kids. I think Rita may have found it difficult in the Okanagan to find unique items, as well. She was always giving me a boost from afar. I started to research. I found KOM first with all their fabulous prints for their fabulous baby line and built a relationship with Pablo! He spoke English so this was easier than I thought. Then there was Florece, then Sopa de Principe and so on. Some I needed a way to fly home for business and also have Argentina close for comfort since I have family in both the southern and northern hemisphere. Rita has a travel bug and an eye for unique fashion. Her mission was to help bring this home and travel in her future! My mission was to make something that enables me to be with both families and get these fabulous finds up to Canada! I can work anywhere with an on line store and this would not work without Rita! Rita can manage Canada tangible Lambpoodle and I can manage the technical, viral Lambpoodle from afar. Rita and I have a great advantage in being in two places. We have quickly become a strong, optimistic, communicative and diligent partnership with similar goals and aspirations. We are a match made Lambpoodle with love:)

Tell us why all parents need to visit your store or purchase your product/service

All parents should shop at Lambpoodle to support growing artists and designers in communities around the world. Parents should focus on responsible shopping and purchasing and good old fashion trading. Not mass production. Made and designed in the same territory. By trading with other countries we support communities that have things possibly a little harder then we do. We give people jobs in countries that may struggle to feed their families or just don’t have as many industries as we do. These countries also bring to the table a unique and forward thinking of artful pieces and design craft. It can make you feel adventurous and colorful! We can incorporate this into our own lives and be free to aspire new trends!

Describe a feature product or promotion you have going on (or coming up)?

We are offering exclusive one of a kind items and pricing just for this show for all children clothing and plush toys. You can also visit our on line store, we launch in February at for some last year summer steals!

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