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Tell us about yourself and family
We are an adventure seeking family of four. Dr. Travis loves skiing and wakeboarding when he’s not helping families in our busy office. Dr. Sarah loves mountain biking and has just embarked on fun challenge races with some of her momma friends. We have two exciting kids, ages 3.5 and 14 months, who love all things outdoors, from lake swimming to snowman building.

Describe your business/product or service
We have a beautiful and joy-filled prenatal and paediatric chiropractic practice. We have tailored our space and our skills to accommodate busy families, wriggling infants, shy and or “active” preschoolers and outspoken teens. Our most common new patients suffer from colic, ear infections, allergies, asthma, constipation, ADD, ADHD and Autism. Our knowledge and unique approach allows us to make real changes in these kids, and it is the most rewarding job on earth!

How long have you been in business?
We have been practicing here in the Okanagan for almost 7 years.

Why did you start the business?
We started the business to fill a void in the Okanagan for amazing paediatric chiropractic care. We wanted to help the littlest people in town, and make the greatest impact on the community’s health and wellbeing.

Tell us why all parents need to visit your store or purchase your product/service
All parents need to visit our office because we use a unique and painless analysis to accurately assess and measure the health of your child’s most important system, their brain and nerve system. The only way to know if your child’s health challenges could be helped with our gentle and friendly chiropractic care, is by having them checked in our office.

Describe a feature product or promotion you have going on (or coming up)?
We have a Mom’s Night Out coming up at the end of April, where we give moms an opportunity to get out, meet up with friends and friends-to-be, relax and unwind. We provide the wine and appies, you enjoy. We will be putting free tickets into the swag bags that are being given out at Pregnant and Fabulous and Beyond Kelowna.