Flowers and Buttons

Flowers and Buttons

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Tell us about yourself and family

I am a mompreneur. This means that I am a stay home mom to my little girl, and in between all of our fun adventures I find time to create and crochet. My husband and I love living here in the valley. We are so BLESSED to enjoy everything this area has to offer our little family!

Describe your business/product or service

My little shop is full of high-quality accessories for all ages. I crochet hats, scarves, boot cuffs and more. I am passionate about creating custom items, and the color and style options are endless. You will also find a selection of flower hair clips, tiebacks, and headbands. These are perfect for everyday wear or that special photo session. We also recently added leggings, and boot socks with lace detail.

How long have you been in business?

Flowers and Buttons was opened on Facebook in Sept 2012, and has been growing quickly ever since.

Why did you start the business?

As a new mom, I fell in LOVE with all the beautiful and adorable handmade accessories available. While staying home with my beautiful little girl I needed to be productive…so I started making them myself. I enjoy creating something that will be loved and used.

Tell us why all parents need to visit your store or purchase your product/service?

Honestly we all have a Pinterest page full of super cute hats and accessories that we wish we could have made for ourselves or our child. Well, that’s what I do. I can custom make that item in the color and size that you want locally. Please check out my Facebook page.

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