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Tell us about yourself and family
My name is Susan and I am the Executive Director of Family Tree Family Centre.  I am married and have two beautiful children, Sara-Jayne (21) & JJ (8)!   Kamloops is a wonderful city to live in and raise a family.  We moved here in 2003 and have never looked back.  I am very passionate about my work and truly believe that it takes a community to raise a child.  I believe that in our fast paced society this concept is being lost and our children are paying the price for that.  It is our responsibility to teach our children how to connect to the world around them and the best way to do that is to lead by example 🙂

Describe your business
At Family Tree Family Centre we work with families, many of whom are struggling with problems that typically lead them to live in isolation.  These problems can include things such as poverty, mental healthy conditions, violence at home, drug and alcohol misuse, or any number of other things.  Our goal is to help these families empower themselves.  We work from a peer perspective, employing those who have experienced some of the same situations.  We connect our families to us, to each other and to professional services in Kamloops.   Our drop in program offers these families a safe place to come daily, a place for their children to play, a hot meal, access to our donation room, emergency bus tickets, take home food bags and a variety of workshops.  During drop-in families are able to connect with staff who will assist them with information, referrals, advocacy and case management.  Families are also able to access an Infant Development Consultant as well as a Counsellor on a weekly basis.  There is no time limit to how long you can access services at Family Tree and many of our families continue to come long after they have addressed the situations that first brought them to us.  We are happy to build life long relationships at Family Tree.

How long has the business been running for?
Family Tree has been running for 9 years.

Why did you start the business?
Family Tree started in 2006 when 2 mothers identified the need for a drop in program for families in the downtown core.   It first began in the amenities room of a low income house building and expanded to fill the needs of the participants that we attending.

Tell us why all parents need to visit your business
Families should attend Family Tree to connect with other families, to play with their children, to learn about other resources in the community and to access our donation room.  They will find a warm welcoming environment in which to learn and grow with their children.

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