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Every new family deserves care to create safe and empowering birth memories. Founded by Sara Spada, owner of MotherMoon – pregnancy to postpartum care, Birth Kelowna is the premiere market for everyone’s pregnancy, birth, and postpartum needs; fitting into each individual’s and family’s lifestyle, culture, and birth wishes.

A small but growing group of birth support professionals offering services in the Kelowna area; coming together to promote & educate families around personalized birth support for every pregnancy. The mission is to inspire and enrich the lives of all new families in the Kelowna community. The purpose is client centered care; supporting the transition into parenthood by providing quality, knowledgeable, and non-judgmental support and guidance throughout a pregnancy and into the postpartum period.

For expectant & new parents, Birth Kelowna is: A free online resource to research local birth support professionals, local social programs, and gather information about birth & new parent planning; an invitation to attend, Birth Lounge gatherings hosted by Birth Kelowna; the opportunity to learn from local practitioners, meet other expectant parents and learn new skills that can improve your entire birth experience.

The Birth Lounge

Are you looking to connect with other Parents & Birth Professionals? Coming to Kelowna in March 2013!!! Hosted by Birth Kelowna, Birth Lounge gatherings provide the opportunity to learn from local practitioners, meet other expectant parents and learn new skills that can improve pregnancy, birth and postpartum experiences.

For expectant & new parents, The Birth Lounge is: A monthly, free, social and educational gathering with other new parents, a comfortable space to reflect on the early days of pregnancy and new parenthood, and the opportunity to meet and learn from a local birth support professional who will be there to present their services, with time at the end of the evening to ask specific questions.

Sara Spada
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born to birth logo C - Sm (7)Born To Birth Hypnobirthing

Owned and operated by Christy Phillips, Born To Birth offers group and private HypnoBirthing® (The Mongan Method) Childbirth Education classes, Breech-Turn Sessions, and Breastfeeding education and counseling services.

Christy became a HypnoBirthing® Enthusiast after experiencing first-hand what it was all about – twice!  In 2008, during Christy’s first pregnancy while living in Scotland, she and her husband Craig enrolled in the HypnoBirthing® course together to educate themselves about the birthing process, to look forward to their first birth experience without fear, and to learn how to ‘own’ this birth by making informed choices so Christy could have the natural birth that she wanted.  Upon completion of the course Christy felt so empowered by what she learned (and practiced) she was absolutely confident that they could birth safely and comfortably at home – which they did!

Two years later Christy still hadn’t stopped talking to anyone and everyone about her exhilarating experience!  Her passion and enthusiasm only grew to new heights after another blissful ‘Hypno-Hydro’ birth at home in Kelowna for their second son in 2010.  Christy knew her calling and in the same year trained as a Certified HypnoBirthingÒ Practitioner, and is thrilled to be part of a greater birthing movement through teaching this easier, relaxed, more comfortable and responsible method of birthing for the moms, dads, families and babies of Kelowna, the Okanagan and beyond!

Credentials & Experience:

Christy Phillips is a Certified HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Educator (HBCE), trained by the founder of the program herself ‘Mickey’ Mongan, and a Douglas College trained Breastfeeding Counsellor (note: Breastfeeding Counsellors in Canada are not ‘certifiable’ as there is no governing body, rather they receive a Certificate upon completion of this or equivalent course).

HypnoBirthing® – The Mongan Method is as much a philosophy as it is a technique. The concept of HypnoBirthing® is not new, but rather a “rebirth” of the philosophy of birthing as it existed thousands of years ago and as it was recaptured in the work of Dr. Grantly Dick-Read, an English obstetrician, who, in the 1920s, was one of the first to forward the concept of natural birthing. The method teaches you that, in the absence of fear and tension, or special medical circumstances, severe pain does not have to be an accompaniment of labor.
For most of their lives, women have been inundated with the negative stories of other women’s birth experiences. Everyone, from their mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, friends, and even strangers, wants to tell them the horrors of giving birth. They have been conditioned to believe that excruciating pain is associated with labor; and because of this, women today hold an unprecedented fear of giving birth. This extreme fear causes their bodies to become tense, and that tension prohibits their bodies from easily performing a normal physiological function. The result is exactly what they feared most–long, painful birthing or unnecessary intervention.
People who are drawn to this method of childbirth have long been searching for a way to give birth confidently and as calmly, safely, and gently as possible, whether they have chosen to birth in a hospital, a birthing center or at home.
Through a very simple program of self-hypnosis and education, healthy, low-risk women, as well as women who need medical assistance because of special circumstances, learn to dismiss fear-based stories, misinformation, and birthing myths; and they are helped to see birth as normal. They learn to trust that their bodies know how to bring their babies into the world in the calm and gentle way that Nature intended.

You will gain an understanding of how the birthing muscles work in perfect harmony–as they were designed to–when your body is sufficiently relaxed and you trust birth. You will learn how to achieve this kind of relaxation, free of the resistance that fear creates, and you will learn to use your natural birthing instincts for a calm, serene and comfortable birth.
When you have your baby with HypnoBirthing®, you will not be in a trance or a sleep. What you will experience is similar to the daydreaming, or focusing, that occurs when you are engrossed in a book or a movie or staring into a fire.

You will be conversant and in good spirits–totally relaxed, but fully in control. Awake throughout, you will be aware of your body’s surges and your baby’s progress; but because you will have trained yourself to reach complete relaxation, you will be able to determine the degree and the manner in which you will feel the surges. You will experience birthing in an atmosphere of calm relaxation, free of the fear that prevents the muscles of your body from functioning as nature intended them to. In this calm state, your body’s natural relaxant, endorphins, replaces the stress hormones that constrict and cause pain.


Born To Birth provides:

  • Monthly group HypnoBirthing® courses presented in five 2.5hr classes (on Sundays in Kelowna)
  • Private HypnoBirthing® lessons – on a mutually agreeable schedule and in the convenience of your own home or other
  • Breech Turn Sessions – Hypnosis sessions often successful in turning breech presentation babies (35-37 wks or later).
  • Breastfeeding Education & Support


Christy Phillips